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Can't pay, won't pay

It seems that "can pay, won't pay" continues to be a divisive factor in current tenant/landlord relations. Especially sitting alongside "won't engage" as well!

The govt has inadvertantly stacked the deck in favour of tenants, effectively "encouraging" the withholding of rent whilst giving little in return to property owners. By doing this, the "checks and balances" system has become null and void.

Some tenants who are hiding behind these govt safety nets choose not to engage in discussion/negotiations to find a fair solution and are therefore risking their future landlord/tenant relationship.

A day of reckoning will come, that we know. In the meantime, what can landlords do to mitigate this unfair position?

They need more support from the govt and relevant bodies. #britishpropertyfederation#rics They can and should be doing far more to help.

I am sure that we all support our tenants getting all necessary financial and political/legal assistance. However property owners are not being given grants to cover any overheads so is it right that tenants are given rent holidays rather than sufficient extended time to pay? Everything should be made more transparent and fair.

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