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Covid19 Debt.....

The basic principles of Economics do not seem to have changed that much over the years. As an investor who runs a business with leveraged debt, I understand that sometimes market conditions go against you (financial meltdown, pandemic etc!). But in stable times, it can - and does - work well.

The UK are effectively "borrowing" their way out of this crisis. Taxes in 2020 were est. to raise @£750b. However, this amount could be reduced substantially because of the pandemic whilst spending has increased to help business (and other sectors of the community) at this difficult time. The total deficit (UK public sector net debt) stands at @£1,888b (June 2020).

I wonder whether UK business needs to plan to pay for its share (or more) of the additional deficit in the near future?

Generally, it appears the govt have covered a significant proportion of the £300b pandemic deficit by selling bonds to investors raising £225b (Apr-Jul) leaving a mere £75b to be found.

Corporation tax provides 8% of annual revenues (£60b). 8% of the remaining deficit is £6b amounting to an increase of 10% should it be paid back in full over one year. However the govt is unlikely to "overburden" business directly in view of the adverse effect this might have on employment

And they can always sell more bonds!

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