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The #business community will value our future #graduates and school leavers. Their abundant #skills should shine through despite a lack of justice and control over their destiny. The Telegraph today "Exam moderation is a gross injustice".

Modelling is deciding #exam results for pupils. In Scotland, results this week for Highers to widespread consternation - always difficult; but it was hoped that their teachers would determine results. Instead, the SQA kept their chosen method under wraps until nothing could be done about it.

Modelling marks down children in deprived areas where schools don't perform as well, with little recognition for those who buck the trend (students predicted to get As being downgraded and some expected to pass, failed). Outstanding pupils in low-performing schools were ignored, blighting their futures. The vast majority received worse results than their teachers had predicted.

This is a gross injustice and the #SQA have hidden the process from scrutiny until it was too late. This is not a theoretical exercise. Individual children are being sacrificed because politicians decided to shut down schools, penalising those they refused to let sit exams by making up what they might have achieved.

It is the turn of A-level students in England & Wales next week.

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